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Factory Automation Safety Technology

Columbia/Okura incorporates industry-leading safety technology and features as standard equipment on all systems produced.  Knowing that employee safety comes first, Columbia/Okura is continuously working to provide the highest level of worker safety, while maintaining the highest level of production output.

Standard features include Category 3 Risk Control Safety Circuits, incorporating a 2 channel E-stop circuit and redundant 3-phase contactors. Type 4 light curtains are used to protect all pallet discharge areas.  All safety features, including E-stops, light curtains, trapped key, and safety contactors are monitored by a safety relay. Our robotic palletizing systems utilize a dual trapped key interlock system, requiring the use of a personnel key, for additional protection.

All Columbia/Okura systems are certified to UL1740 standards by a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory (NRTL).  Certification complies with Industrial Robots and Robot Systems general safety requirements incorporated in these standards(ANSI RIA 15.06-2012 and CSA Z434-03), NFPA Electrical Standards for Industrial Machinery (NFPA 79 2008), National Electrical Code (NEC 2008, NFPA 70) and the Standard for Safety for Industrial Control Panels (UL508A, controls manufacturing facility). 

Safety for your robot is provided through Roboshield TM, a collision detection feature. By using state-of-the-art software, Roboshield reduces the risk of damage by monitoring the torque, acceleration and position of your robotic palletizing arm. This feature ensures system efficiency without compromising equipment safety.