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Robotic Palletizing Videos

Watch our robots at work.

To really appreciate the power of our robotic palletizers, you have to see them working. Check out each of our robotic palletizing systems in action, using various end-of-arm tools. Click on any of the links below to view streaming video of our state-of-the-art robots doing what they do best.

Bag-Box End Effector Robotic Palletizing Solution shows a Columbia/Okura robot with a bag box end effector. This end of arm tooling allows the robot to palletize both bags and boxes from two lines without any down time.

Case End Effector Robotic Palletizing Solution shows robots fitted with our case end effectors. The A-Series robotic palletizers offer the flexibility, speed and reliability required by today's production lines. This video shows examples of several size cases and layers that can be handled by our robotic palletizers.

Multi-Line Robotic Palletizing Solution showcases a Columbia/Okura robot palletizing from multiple product lines. This palletizing solution is ideal for streamlining your shop floor production with high speed palletizing.

Depalletizing Robotic Palletizing Solution shows Columbia/Okura's robot depalletizing a pallet of open-top cases. Using a variety of end effectors, these depalletizers can handle: cases, bags, bundles, trays, totes, pails pallets and sheets.

Sheet Dispenser Robotic Palletizing Solution shows a Columbia/Okura robot with a sheet pick end effector and our stationary sheet dispensers. Add this versatile end of arm tooling to increase speed and accuracy of sheet placement.

Pallet Dispenser Robotic Palletizing Solution shows Columbia/Okura’s pallet dispenser from every angle dispensing pallets on to a conveyor line. This palletizing equipment solution is the ideal way to get pallets to your production line quickly, efficiently and safely.